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How to get to Tam Hai Resort

Our car pick-up services are available from Chu Lai Airport, *Danang Airport and Hoi An Ancient town and other locations as per request. However, if you wish to manage your own logistics, please use the information below and also please inform us of your arrival time so we can arrange the speedboat transfer from the dock.

From Chu Lai airport to the resort’s speedboat dock is approximately 18km. A taxi should cost approximately $12-$15 USD (240,000 – 300,000 VND approximately). Taxis wait outside the terminal ready to whisk you to paradise, look out for the metered Green Mai Linh taxi’s to save yourself any surprises when you arrive at your destination.

Ask the driver to take you to “Tam Hoa Dock” or to the Tam Hai Resort speedboat. Or please show the driver the Vietnamese below:

“Cho tôi đến bến tàu CANO của Tam Hải Resort ở cảng Tam Hòa”

If you are travelling from Hoi An Ancient town or Danang Airport, the distance is approximately 80km to the resort. A taxi should cost around $60-$75 USD and take just over an hour.

* If your arrival destination is Da Nang and you intend on visiting Hoi An during your stay we recommend ticking that destination from your list before heading to the island. After a long flight or train ride, a further two-and-a-half hours of travel can be exhausting. From a travel time point-of-view, the drive from Da Nang to Tam Hai takes you through Hoi An, so you will find yourself backtracking should you head to Tam Hai first.

We highly recommend leaving the travel arrangements for our staff to take care of, especially if you are unsure of the geography. Let us take the stress out of the logistics so you can relax and enjoy your vacation!