Le Domaine Tam Hai

The food

Our dining philosophy at Le Domaine is simple: Local food served by local people.

We support Tam Hai—our neighborhood —in every way possible, as much as possible. We work with local fishermen, local farmers and local cooks. Our menus change seasonally to reflect what’s fresh. Central Vietnam is considered the organic breadbasket of the region and 80 percent of Hoi An’s domestic produce is grown in the province surrounding Tam Hai. This proximity to the good stuff gives us first pick of the freshest fruit and vegetables—and the best grains, herbs and spices on offer. Our fish and shellfish come from the water that we look out over. Everyday, we experience—and we appreciate—the connection between food and life. We act on this by getting behind sustainable farming practices and eating organic, locally-grown, seasonal foods wherever possible.

Our ambition with Le Domaine de Tam Hai has always been to keep it local, to please all appetites we have formally trained our island cooks a small menu of familiar western dishes, however, it is local seafood dishes in which our cooks excel.

In our restaurant, we keep a small menu as we shop daily from the island’s markets. Food orders are taken on island time as each dish is prepared from scratch.  The best of the best is the island’s seafood bought fresh from the boat and cooked in traditional island style. For that we ask you to place your seafood wishlist a day in advance.