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He was a great dude in many ways

He was a great dude in many ways and we (a bunch of know it all college kids) were very lucky to have his perspective. I was really captivated by his bag. He carried the same messenger bag he had carried in his first round of grad school (architecture) almost 40 years ago.

The invention of the curling iron is not without debate. While Hiram Maxim is known to have obtained the first patent for a curling iron in 1866, it is Marcel Grateau who is credited for actually inventing the curling iron in 1890. Marcel is also credited with several other groundbreaking ventures in hair styling, such as the long lasting Marcel waves (along with fellow Frenchman Maurice Lentheric), the straightening comb, and the permanent wave..

Most of the fun in “Birdman” is basic cinematic pleasure, the fun of pinballing around the St. James with Riggan as he bounces off his cast, his family members and his support staff without quite registering them as human beings. If Stone, Galifianakis and especially Norton playing precisely the kind of egomaniacal and unpredictable great actor that Ed Norton is presumed to be make the biggest impression, Riseborough, Ryan and Naomi Watts (as a character actor finally getting her Broadway break) also get showcase moments.

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