Tam Hai Resort

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  • Pool
  • Kayaks
  • Bicycles

We’re so inspired by the farmers and the fisherman we work with that we would love to introduce you to more of what they do. During the winter months at Le Domaine de Tam Hai, we’ll be throwing open our doors to dining guests in search of something special. Day guest or resident, we’ll be taking the chance to welcome our diners to explore the local flavours and the warm hospitality of Tam Hai fishing village with a destination dining package available to all.

The package is tailored to your parties needs, we charge a small fee for set-up, and provide guests in advance with an island shopping list to choose from. Orders and then placed with the fishermen and at the market on the morning of your visit, meaning we can deliver the freshest food possible and limit wastage.

The ingredients are then prepared by our island cooks – oysters chucked, fish scaled and gutted, and marinades prepared ready for you to cook at the barbecue.


Set-up in the resort –
250,000d (guests) or 500,000d to outside guests (this includes use of the resorts facilities). For parties of four or above (and a copy of our menu/shopping list) please contact us for prices. contact@tamhairesort.com

Set-up on the beach –
Residents – 500,000d, outside guests 800,000d (this includes return speedboat transfers from the resort to the beach). For parties of four or above (and a copy of our menu/shopping list) please contact us for prices – contact@tamhairesort.com

  • Table & chairs set-up in the destination of choice
  • Barbecue and coals, cooking implements, marinades, dressings
  • Service staff
  • Food prep
  • Market shopping

*Ingredients are charged at market prices plus 50%, due to seasonal availability these prices can fluctuate – for this reason, we do not include prices per kilo on our barbecue shopping list. Instead, once the order has been taken our cooks will get back to you with the days prices before we confirm orders. This gives you the opportunity to tweek your list to match with your dining budget.

*If you would like to hire a villa for day use during your visit there is an extra charge of 750,000d.

** A private chef can be arranged to cook for those that would prefer. The charge for this is set at 150,000d per person.

*** Drinks are not included. However, an extensive wine, beer and cocktail menu is available to choose from. If you would prefer to bring your own, a small corkage fee is charged at 250,000d per bottle.


“Where would you like your table set today?”

For the gastronomes and special occasions. The dining options are splendid, and for the ultimate dining experience, we offer romantic private barbecue dining in the setting of your choice, be it in your own private cabana by the pool, the secluded white sands of our beach or a candlelit table by the riverside.

*We support Tam Hai—our neighbourhood —in every way possible, as much as possible. We work with local fishermen, local farmers and local chefs. Our menus change seasonally to reflect what’s fresh. The province of Quang Nam is the organic breadbasket of the region, an hour down the road is Tra Que – where 80 percent of Hoi An’s domestic produce is grown. This proximity to the good stuff gives us first pick of the freshest fruit and vegetables—and the best grains, herbs and spices on offer. Our fish and shellfish come from the water that we look out over. Every day, we experience—and we appreciate—the connection between food and life. Every day, we act on this by getting behind sustainable farming practices and eating organic, locally-grown, seasonal foods.