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Taking in to consideration the

Taking in to consideration the wintry climate, there were plenty of goodies designed to keep celebs warm everything from jackets to boots to hats and scarves. Comfort foods like warm oatmeal and hot soup were served, not to mention plenty of liquor. After all, Sundance is also a party and, despite the high altitude and dry climate, no one seemed deterred from having a few drinks to celebrate a long day of movie watching, deal making and, well, collecting some free stuff..

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pandora rings M Caf calls its menu contemporary macrobiotic cuisine, and turmeric fits perfectly into the macrobiotic system. There are two options here for turmeric fans: the turmeric refresher and the turmeric latte. The former is a grab and go bottle of cold pressed turmeric and ginger juice, lemon juice, brown rice syrup, mint and filtered water. pandora rings

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